Cleanmedia Cleanwall

The router / firewall can be used on any Internet access type (cabel, DSL, ...).

Using Cleanwall (our open source firewall) at your home, you can surf the web safely at any time. No need to bother about security software updates. No need to configure the firewall more than once. No need to bother your computers and workstations with security tasks which make them slow.

Cleanmedia Cleanwall provides a cost effective, simple and reliable way to protect your children, your family, your students and your wireless access point against unwanted or malicious content.

Remarkable is the high quality of the filter. Unwanted content is blocked also on search engines and on community forums. However you can still use most of those forum sites like facebook or youtube for clean surfing.

If at any time the filter blocks too much or too little, you can report the site on the following link Report URL and we will investigate the case as quickly as possible.

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