Frequently asked questions about Cleanmedia Filter

How difficult is the Installation?

The cleanwall is delivered fully configured and ready to use. The filter function can be deactivated in the GUI. It will then be a normal open source router. If you want to change some settings, you need to be familiar with routers. In some cases knowledge about Linux may be required.

Can I buy the firewall?

We sell the open source router fully configured together with a filter license valid for one year. It is yours. After a year of use (or earlier) you may decide to renew the annual license - or to deactivate the filter. In the latter case it will be a normal open source router thereafter.

Help, the filter falsely blocks a page! What can I do?

If the page contains nudity, then this is part of the standard setup of every Cleanmedia Filter and can not be changed. If, however, you think, the page should not be blocked, you can submit us the site under the following link Online-Form and we will fix the issue as soon as possible! Please remember, that some web sites allow free exchange of media without any distinction for pornographic matierial. On those systems we block pornographic material as well as non pornographic material. Most often however we provide a solution for these sites as for example with youtube.

Help, the filter did not recognize unwanted content! What can I do?

Please report the URL under the following link Online-Form. We will treat the case as soon as possible!

Help, my google search is optimized for another country.

This happens, because Google optimizes search results automatically based on the source IP, which is the Filter located in Switzerland. Please add the location /ncr (no country redirect) to avoid automatic country redirection. So for example to have Google optimize the search for Germany you start your visit at http://www.google.de/ncr. This is usefull for other situations as well. For example while you plan your foreign holydays.

How can I avoid, that a user bypasses my filter with a physical network cable?

Our first aim is to avoid unwanted content. Additionally the efforts needed to bypass the filter are big enaugh so that the expected usage policy can be reasonably enforced. Please read the chapter "physical network safety" in our instructions to learn more about how you can enforce your expected usage policy.